Building & Grounds Committee

Committee Members 2014-2015:
Building Co-chairs: David Hart
& Dick Jendrysik
Grounds Chair: Pamela Jendrysik
Members: Arthur Sullivan,
Darrow Lebovici, Charles Swift

Purpose: The Building and Grounds Committee oversees the on-going maintenance, repair, improvements, and safety and security of the building and grounds to: provide storage and facilitate access and use of the library collections; provide a venue for hosting educational programs and other gatherings for members and the public; and preserve the historic character of the Athenaeum building and property, as part of the McIntire Historic District. The committee is responsible for all aspects of the building and grounds except items expressly the responsibility of another committee.

Composition: The Committee is co-chaired by a Building Chair and a Grounds Chair, at least one of whom is a Trustee. The committee may have as many members needed to fulfill its work, including non-Trustee members. The President and Director are ex-officio members of the committee.

Authorization: The Building and Grounds Committee is a standing committee named in the bylaws with the chair required to be a trustee. The board, upon recommendation of the President or the committee chair, will approve the chair and the members of the committee at least annually.

Meeting Schedule: The committee will meet monthly, or as appropriate. Members of the building committee and the grounds committee may meet separately on an as-needed basis.


  • Establish annual goals for the Buildings and Grounds.
  • Establish budget for recurring maintenance work, and improvement projects. Review expenditures monthly against budget.
  • Develop and maintain long-term plan for the maintenance and usage of the building and grounds.
  • Select contractors for building maintenance including plumbing, electrical, painting, snow removal, and interior cleaning.
  • Ensure compliance with municipal state and federal codes for the building, and activities within the building.
  • Ensure at least two committee members are on the on-call list for alarms.
  • Provide on-call support for building and grounds maintenance emergencies.
  • Review insurance coverage for the building. Respond to repairs highlighted by insurance inspections.
  • Develop Strategic Master Plan for building and grounds, in co-ordination with other committees.
  • Develop system of Project Management and/or Facilities Manager.
  • Furniture: Continue program of reconditioning chairs. Initiate refinishing of tables. Co-ordinate program for reconditioning the clocks.
  • Utilities: Review utility costs including gas, electrical, telephone, water and sewer. Maintain utility equipment as needed. Contract for repair services as needed.
  • Coordinate with other committees.


  • Oversee the care and maintenance of the flowers, shrubs, and lawn. Maintain the grounds as a venue for events.
  • Contract for recurring and emergency maintenance of the lawn, shrubs and trees, including specification and supervision of the work.
  • Coordinate with the city and other abutters for plantings outside of the property line.
  • Organize annual spring and fall clean-up of the grounds. Replant perennials as needed.
  • Maintain perennial plants and bushes as needed. Remove weeds and invasive species. Encourage growth of volunteer plants. Prune shrubs to maintain proper scale.
  • Coordinate annual maintenance of the sprinkler system.
  • Develop and maintain a long-term grounds plan.
  • Coordinate with other committees as appropriate.



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