Education Program Committee

Committee Members 2014-2015:
Ken Harris
Co-Chair: Kathy Miles
Social Media: Katie Castiglia
Members: Judy Kearny, Shelby Hypes, Genevieve Gilson, Betsy Lahikainen
Consulting: Sue Schopf

Purpose: The Education Program Committee is a board-established committee charged with bringing quality educational and enrichment experiences to the North Shore community by continuing an established record of excellence in both presenters and topics with consideration of expanding the audiences served and enticing membership growth for the organization.

Composition: The Education Program Committee is composed of a Chair(s), at least one Trustee member, and other members who may be Trustees, Proprietors or Subscribers or interested community volunteers. The President and Director are ex-officio members of the committee.

Authorization: The Chair(s) and members will be approved annually by the board.

Meetings: The Education Committee meets year round as needed to accomplish its objectives. It may appoint a sub-committee and chairs to focus on the specific needs such as managing the Summer Salon Series.

Major Responsibilities

  • Select the programs that will comprise the annual schedule of the Athenaeum’s lectures, concerts and courses including the Summer Salon Series and Adams Lecture.
  • Identify lecturers and potential partners in literature, history, art, science, poetry and the Collections, taking into account member and community interests.
  • Set the schedule in coordination with the Director and the Writers Committee, and in consideration of the programs offered by affiliated groups such as Cambridge Society for Early Music and Dickens Fellowship.
  • Focus speaker selection for September-May lectures and musical/theatrical programs on presenters who have regional or national recognition to expand reach. It is desirable that the Athenaeum partner with other institutions on some of the programs to increase our reach. Partners have included Historic New England,the Pickering House Foundation, Historic Salem Inc. and Montserrat College of Art.
  • Select speakers for the July-August Summer Salon Series, enabling Athenaeum members and others in the local community to share their interests on less academic, general interest topics.  Manage all aspects of each Friday evening presentation.
  • Prepare materials required for the press release and website as soon as the speaker/presenter is booked but in any event no later than 6 weeks before the date of the program.
  • Make all arrangements for the speaker including remuneration following established policy, travel arrangements and ensuring that the speaker is greeted and properly hosted at the program. The speaker’s technology requirements will be communicated to the Director in a timely manner.
  • Staff programs with greeters and cashiers for ticketing, provide refreshments and room set-up and clean-up.
  • Recommend changes in programming as needed to respond to changing community interests and opportunities, including routinely surveying current and potential audiences and other organizations to stay abreast of trends and community needs.
  • Coordinate with other Committees as appropriate.

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