Conservation Night

September 27, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Salem Athenaeum
337 Essex St
Salem, MA 01970
Jean Marie Procious
Join us for the sixth annual Conservation Night featuring some of the most important books in our historical collections.  We will unveil the conserved volumes — books sponsored by generous participants of the 2016 Conservation Night — and present more ailing books for your consideration.  Executive Director Jean Marie Procious will give an illustrated presentation about the books and their value to the collection.
Open to the public: book sponsorship is always appreciated but is not required to attend.
Adopt one of these treasures on September 27:

1.  The works of Anna Letitia Barbauld with a memoir by Lucy Aikin, in three volumes.  Boston : David Reed, 1826.
$550 or 2 shares of $275

2. The principles of mechanics. Explaining and demonstrating the general laws of motion, the laws of gravity, motions of descending bodies, projectiles, mechanic powers, pendulums, centers of gravity, etc. strength and stress of timber, hydrostatics,  and construction of machines.  A work very necessary to be known by all Gentlemen, and others, that desire to have an insight into the works of nature and art.  And extremely useful to all sorts of artificers; particularly to architects, engineers, shipwrights, millwrights, watchmakers, etc. or any that work in a mechanical way.  The second edition, corrected and very much enlarged. With 43 copper plates.  London: J. Richardson, 1758.
$550 or 2 shares of $275


3. The analysis of beauty. Written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste.  By William Hogarth.  London : J. Reeves, 1753.
$550 or 2 shares of $275


4. A treatise on the social compact or the principles of politic law.  By J. J. Rousseau.  London : T. Becket and P. A. de Hondt, 1764.
$480 or 4 shares of $120


5.  Observations on the climate in different parts of America, compared with the climate in corresponding parts of the other continent.  To which are added remarks on the different complexions of the human race: with some account of the Aborigines of America. Being an introductory discourse to the History of North Carolina.  By Hugh Williamson, M.D. LL. D.  New York : T. & J. Swords, 1811.
$500 or 2 shares of $250

6.  Principles of Polity, being the grounds and reasons of civil empire. In three parts.  By Thomas Pownall, Esq.  London :  Edward Owen, 1752.  [This copy has a full page presentation letter to the President, Fellows, and Students of Harvard College from the author].
$800 or 4 shares of $200

7.  A state of the expedition from Canada as laid before the House of Commons by Lieutenant-General Burgoyne, and verified by evidence; with a collection of authentic documents, and an addition of many circumstances which were prevented from appearing before the House by the prorogation of Parliament.  John Burgoyne.  Second edition.  London. J. Almon, 1780.
$550 or 2 shares of $275

8.  An account of the Pelew Islands, situated in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. Composed from the journals and communications of Captain Henry Wilson, and some of his officers, who, in August 1783, were there shipwrecked, in the Antelope,  a packet belonging to the Honourable East India Company.  By George Keate, Esq. F. R. S. and S. A.  Fourth edition.  London : Captain Wilson, 1789.
$550 or 2 shares of $275

9.  Principles of Electricity, containing  divers new theorems and experiments, together with an analysis of the superior advantages of high and pointed conductors. This treatise comprehends an explanation of an electrical returning stroke, by which, fatal effects may be produced, even at a vast distance from the place where the lightning falls.  By Charles Viscount Mahon, F. R. S. [Charles Stanhope Stanhope].  London : P. Elmsly, 1774.
$500 or 2 shares of $250

10.  Just and impartial narrative of the controversy between the Rev. Mr. Samuel Fisk the Pastor, and a number of the brethren of the First Church of Christ in Salem. [and other pamphlets].  Boston : Thomas Fleet, 1735.
$450 or 3 shares of $150

11.  Moby Dick.  By Herman Melville.  New York : Harper & Brothers.
$460 or 2 shares of $230

12.  Travels in the interior districts of Africa: performed under the direction and patronage of the African Association in the years 1795, 1796, and 1797. By Mungo Park, surgeon.  With an appendix containing geographical illustrations of Africa.  By Major Rennell.  London : Printed by W. Bulmer and Co.; and sold by G. and W. Nicol, 1799.
$600 or 3 shares of $200

13.  Carey’s General Atlas: containing: 1. Map of the world, 2. Chart of the world, 3. Europe, etc.  Philadelphia: Published by Matthew Carey.  May 1, 1796.
$840 or 4 Shares $210

14. Navigantium atque Itinerantium  Bibliotheca, or a complete collection of voyages and travels consisting of six hundred of the most authentic writers beginning with Hackluit, Purchass, et in English . . . together with such other histories, voyages, travels, or discoveries as are in general esteem whether published in English, Latin, French [etc.] . . . containing whatever has been observed worthy of notice in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America . . . illustrated by proper charts, maps, and cuts to which is prefixed a copious introduction comprising the rise and progress of the art of navigation . . .By John Harris.  London : T. Woodward, et al.  1744.  Two volumes.
$3760 or 16 shares of $235

15.  A Summary History of New-England, from the first settlement at Plymouth to the acceptance of the Federal Constitution comprehending a general sketch of the American War.  By Hannah Adams.  Dedham : H. Mann and J. H. Adams, 1799.
$540 or 4 shares of $135

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