Online Program Videos

Available recordings of Athenaeum events held online will be posted here. They are also available on our YouTube channel.



03-27-24 Rachel Slade with Catherine Allgor: Making It in America

02-17-24 Vijay Seshadri on Wallace Stevens’ “Harmonium”

01-13-24 Bob Frishman presents Rufus Porter: Yankee Artist, Inventor, & Publisher

12-14-23 Writers in Your Neighborhood

02-23-23 Banned in Massachusetts: Libraries on the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

02-17-23 Storytelling: Love — Roses and Thorns

02-11-23 Remembering the Alchemists: A Reading and Conversation with Richard Hoffman

Viewer Note: Audio quality improves around the 4-minute mark.

01-19-23 David Gellman—Liberty’s Chain: Slavery, Abolition, and the Jay Family of New York

12-06-22 Writers in Your Neighborhood

11-09-22 Robert Frishman: Timekeeping in Early Salem and New England

10-18-22 A Magical Evening with Alice Hoffmann

10-05-22 Thomas Forrest Kelly: Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony Then and Now

06-12-22 Reading Frederick Douglass Together

05-18-22 Chuck Radis: Island Medicine

04-06-22 James Parmentier: Maine’s First Ship

03-24-22 Linda Sudlesky & Steven Schachter, M.D.: Visions—Changing Lives Through Advocacy

03-15-22 Writers in Your Neighborhood

02-24-22 Eric Fisher—Mighty Storms of New England: An Evening of Infamous New England Weather

02-17-22 Adopt-a-Book 2022: Online Presentation

01-26-22 Michael Blanding: North by Shakespeare

01-19-22 Kate Dike Blair and Don Zancanella: Two Novels of Concord


12-15-21 Robert Gross and Arthur Riss: The Transcendentalists and Their World 

09-23-21 Mark Horvath: Blockchain and Crypto and NFTs—Oh My!

07-23-21 Christine Thomson: Adventures in Architectural Paint Analysis

06-24-21 Doreen Wade: Salem’s Black Picnic and Election Day

06-17-21 Lauren Aguirre: The Memory Thief

06-09-21 Punto Urban Art Museum: What Does It Mean to Be Free?

05-02-21 The Salem Ancestry Talk Show: The Photo Detective and
the Storyteller
Program hosted and presented by the Salem Historical Society, the Salem Athenaeum, Harmony Grove Cemetery & the Bowditch Institute.

03-25-21 Lauren Willig: Band of Sisters

03-20-21 Give Voice: Poetry in Response to “The Salem Witch Trials 1692”

02-11-21 Reckoning with Racist Monuments


01-18-21 Skip Finley: Whaling Captains of Color

01-14-21 Megan Marshall and Lloyd Schwartz: Recovering the Poems of Scott Harney, 1955-2019


12-16-20 Cathy Marie Buchanan and Brunonia Barry—Daughter of Black Lake


12-13-20 Writers in Your Neighborhood


11-18-20 Christoph Strobel: Legacies of 1620 and the Mayflower: Native Americans of New England


10-28-20 Kathleen Sebelius: A Live Commentary on the 2020 Election


08-21-20 Rebecca Totaro—The Plague in Shakespeare’s London and Lessons for Us Now


07-22-20 Deborah Plummer: Achieving Racial Equity…One Friend at a Time