Adams Lecture

Named in honor of John Adams, who served as Librarian of the Salem Athenæum from 1994-2005, the annual Adams Lecture is devoted to topics pertaining to American history with a focus on New England.

Hon. Margaret H. Marshall, Chief Justice, Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts
A Living Constitution, October 24, 2004


Adams_Fischer_sqDavid Hackett Fischer
The Leadership of George Washington,
April 11, 2006


Adams_Philbrick_sqNathaniel Philbrick
Mayflower: A Story of Courage,
Community, and War, April 12, 2007


Adams_Gaines_sqJames R. Gaines
For Liberty and Glory: Washington, Lafayette, and Their Revolutions,
April 15, 2008

Andrew Delbanco
Melville in His Time and Ours,
April 17, 2009


David Armitage
The Age of Revolutions and Constitutions:
The American Revolution in Global Perspective, November 2, 2010

Sherry Turkle
Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other,
April 21, 2011

John R. Stilgoe
Just Looking Around: Visual Acuity as
the New Curriculum, April 24, 2012


Adams_MayaJasanoff_sqMaya Jasanoff
America’s Exiles: Loyalists of the
April 10, 2013

John Stauffer
The Abolitionist Movement and Its Place
in History,
November 7, 2013

Jay Winter
The First World War in Transnational Perspective, November 1, 2014


Gordon S. Wood
Friends Divided: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, November 6, 2017


David Blight
Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom
November 18, 2019