Featured Poems

by the winners of
The Puddle Wonderful Poetry Contest, Spring 2015


I Am

I am unique and adventurous,

I wonder what my career will be when I grow up,

I hear waves crashing on the beach,

I see everybody looking at me,

I want to get a puppy,

I am unique and adventurous,

I pretend that I am famous,

I feel like the greatest person in the world,

I touch the heart of everyone I see,

I worry the world will come to an end,

I cry when somebody get hurt,

I am unique and adventurous,

I understand that not everything is not perfect,

I say that you can do anything,

I dreams that I am unvulnerable,

I try to make everyone happy,

I hope that I will live a happy life.

I am unique and adventurous.

–Jaiden Lilly, Grade 5

Hear Nature

Birds are singing
Waves are splashing
Trees are rustling and they wave to me as I walk by
Hear Nature

See Nature

Hills rolling ending in valleys
The wind whistles in my ear
Telling me to run faster
See Nature

Enjoy Nature

Look around enjoy the beautiful land that is earth
Enjoy when you feel the cool sweet breeze
Tickling your neck and tossing your hair
Enjoy Nature

Love Nature

Love the sound of the waves crashing on to that soft golden sand
Love the feel of the little raindrops as they fall onto your head
Love the view of beautiful rolling hills as far as the eye can see
Love Nature

–Sierra Clawson, Grade 5



They come,
They go,
They make you happy,
They show you fun,
They push you to try,
They make you laugh,
The special ones last a lifetime,
They’re friends.

–Presley Shairs
Grade 5



Laughing and learning
Underground scouting for creatures
Crying if animals bite
And vicious with the creatures that bite
Santos is learning about animals

–Lucas Santos, Grade 2

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